American Born. And Still American Made!

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Castalloy is the only domestic producer of investment cast heat treat fixtures serving a wide spectrum of manufacturers, including automotive, steel, power, defense, commercial heat treating and brazing.

Our streamlined investment casting processes produce cost savings through longer fixture life and reduced energy demand.

The process is the difference.



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Or talk to Rudy Koishor

We are the undisputed leader in domestic heat resistant castings.

The Castalloy Alloy Buy Back Program:

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Now Your Nickel/Chrome Alloy Scrap ls A Valuable Commodity!

Save significant dollars on your next order with Castalloy’s Alloy Buy Back Program. It offers fair and competitive prices in the form of credits for your Heat Treat Alloy Scrap. We become the “End User” of your scrap not the “Middle Man” looking to turn a profit on your material. This program is designed to Stretch your Budget by putting scrap dollars to use in your department.

For details, email
Or talk to Rudy Koishor

We are the undisputed leader in domestic heat resistant castings.

Why Castalloy is better:

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Our team of Alloy Innovation Engineers will show you the advantages of Castalloy’s proprietary Investment Castings Process.


For details, email
Or talk to Rudy Koishor

We are the undisputed leader in domestic heat resistant castings.

And the Winner of the MacBook Is (Drum roll, please)

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Congratulations Shannon Ricciardo!! The winner of our MacBook Air give-a-way at Heat Treat 2015.

Shannon was the luckiest entrant out of hundreds. Like the new Castalloy products, the MacBook is really light and years ahead of the competition.

We had a great turnout at Heat Treat 2015 last month. Thanks to everyone for stopping by the Castalloy booth. It was fun and educational talking about all the ways our state-of-the-art investment cast heat treat fixturing products can help improve performance, save energy and save money.

Many of you were surprised to learn that our investment casting process offers the largest alloy fixture parts available anywhere in the U.S.

See you at the next Heat Treat show!





Marco Möser Joins Alcon/Castalloy

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Alcon Industries / Castalloy, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Marco Möser as Vice President of Business Development.

“The addition of Marco Möser to Alcon/Castalloy team is another step in our growth and diversification into new markets and new geographical areas” said Richard Chalet, Chairman/CEO of Alcon Industries.

Mr. Möser will be responsible for the development of new business and for support of the sales team, drawing on his global knowledge of the heat treat market and its changing requirements as well as support of the production team with product and process innovations.

Mr. Möser has worked for more than 15 years in the industry in Europe, Eastern Europe and North America as sales manager, area manager and lately as an executive and has an extensive knowledge of the Heat Treat Market and its requirements, especially in the automotive sector.

Contact Marco at (216) 385 3555 or via email:





See us at Heat Treat 2015 in Detroit – Win a MacBook!

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Meet the Alcon/Castalloy Guys, October 20 – 22, Booth 553, 555 for a Chance to Win a New MacBook Air!

See the latest Castalloy Innovations. It’s going to be a great show! So much to show and talk about. So many ways to improve performance, save energy and save money. We’ll be there the whole show.

Staple your business card to a print out of this post, drop it in the special castings basket at our booth and maybe, just maybe, win the new MacBook air. Like the new Castalloy products, it’s light. And years ahead of anyone else.

Heat Treat 2015
October 20 – 22
Booth 553, 555
Cobo Convention Center